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Simple mapping utilities (pmap)


The pmap package provides a number of libraries and utilities for laser-based mapping (SLAM) in 2D environments. It contains four principle components:

The four components are designed to work together to produce high-quality occupancy grid maps.

The figure below, for example, shows the maps produced from using pure odometry (baseline), laser-stabilized odometry (liblodo), particle filtering (libpmap) and relaxation (librmap).


Pure odometry


Laser-stabilized odometry (lodo)


Particle filtering (pmap)


Relaxation (rmap)

In addition to the stand-alone libraries, the pmap package provides a number of handy utilities:


The latest version of the package can be downloaded from here:


This version is compatible with Player 1.6 and CVS HEAD. Note, however, that Player 1.6 has a bug in the install scripts, such that you will need to install one of the header files manually. For a default install, find your Player 1.6 tree and do this:

$ cd <player source dir>
$ cp server/error.h /usr/local/include/player/

There is no real installation for the pmap package; just untar and make (you will need to have both GLUT and GSL installed). Non-linux users may need to tweak the Makefile settings somewhat. To use mapping utility, try this:

$ ./pmap_test test_data.log

To test the player plugin, try this:

$ player -r test_data.log test_log.cfg

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