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Simple map utilities File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
lodo.h [code]The lodo library provides laser-stabilizied odometric pose estimates: the inputs are raw odometry and laser scans, the output is a corrected pose estimate
omap.h [code]The omap library creates occupancy grids from aligned laser data
pmap.h [code]The pmap library performs simple particle-filter-based map building (SLAM) for a single robot. Generally speaking, the output maps are topologically correct, but a little rough around the edges (some minor scan mis-alignments). For very precise results, the output maps should be refined using the rmap library
rmap.h [code]The rmap library performs relaxation over a set of roughly aligned laser scans to find the optimal map
slap.h [code]Small Linear Algrebra Package (SLAP); this code is auto-generated

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