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PF mapping utility (pmap_test)

The pmap_test utility demonstrates the basic functionality of the pmap library and serves a handy mapping utility in its own right. Given a Player logfile containing odometry and laser data, pmap_test will produce an occupancy grid map of the environment.


pmap_test screenshot

Note that there are two distinct phases to the mapping process. In the first or coarse phase, data is read from a Player logfile and processed through the lodo and pmap libraries to produce a rough map. In the second or fine phase, this map is refined using the rmap library. The stopping conditions for the second phase are entirely arbitrary (the quality of the map will improve asymptotically over time). This phase can be quite time consuming, so please be patient.


Basic usage is as follows:

$ pmap_test [options] <logfilename>

where the supported options are:

Keyboard/mouse controls

The pmap_test utility has a simple GLUT-based GUI for monitoring and controlling the map generation process. The following keyboard/mouse controls are supported:

Note that hiding the sample trajectories and current best map can result in significant speed-ups on some GLUT implementations. The entire GUI can be disabled using the -g option on the command line.

Tips for generating logfiles

The key principle to remember when generating maps is: garbage in, garbage out. Here are some tips for generating good data sets:

Tips for generating maps

The pmap_test utility is generally used in a iterative fashion to find the best settings for the map generation process.

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