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"Phony Pony" walking machine    Mars rover model    Early robot hand

Dr. Bekey's 50-year career spans distinct computer science, engineering and biological disciplines. A pioneer in several fields, he is a longtime proponent of interdisciplinary work for its potential to illuminate, and increase the relevance of, research that otherwise might evolve in isolation. His contributions include:


  • Early development of walking machines.
  • Exploration of biologically inspired robot control.
  • Theory and development of autonomous, mobile robots.

Biomedical Engineering

  • Work in biological phenomena such as respiration, muscle function and gait.
  • Use of expert systems to diagnose muscular sources of abnormal gait.
  • Control of prosthetic hands.

Dynamic System Modeling

  • Input-output models and identification of human operators in control systems.
  • Random search optimization, including design of buildings to reduce quake-induced oscillations.
  • Introduction of parameter identifiability and near-identifiability concepts.
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