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George A. Bekey, Commencement Address

Dr. Bekey is a frequent speaker to professional, corporate and lay audiences on advances in robotic technologies, along with their competitive, societal and ethical implications. Presentations for business audiences include:

  • The Robot Doctor Will See You Now: Status and Potential of Robotics in Healthcare
  • Beyond R2D2: Robots in Imagination and Reality.
  • Coexisting with Computers: Answers and Questions.
  • The Worldwide Technology Race: Are we losing our competitive edge?

Among his recent technical presentations:


  • Commencement speaker, Cal Poly mid-year graduation (3,000 attendees), San Luis Obispo, CA
  • "The Robot Doctor Will See You Now", Keynote speaker, Southern California Biomedical Industry Investors, Los Angeles, CA


  • "Co-existing with robots" Plenary lecture, Intelligent Robotic Systems Conf (IROS 2006), Beijing, China.
  • "Robotic assistance in arm and leg function" Plenary address, IEEE BioRob 2006 conf, Pisa, Italy.
  • "The WTEC World Survey of Robotics", Keynote address, National Science Foundation Workshop at International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2006, Orlando, FL.
  • "Robotics: A Worldwide Status Report", Speaker, Northrop Grumman Corporation seminar, Dominguez Hills, CA.


  • "Multiple Robots: Systems of Systems", Keynote address, IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics conference, Hawaii.
  • Multiple talks on Robotics, Speaker, Auckland University, New Zealand.
  • "Legged robots: Applications and research issues", Speaker, Center for Control, Dynamical Systems and Computation , UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • "Robotics: A Worldwide Status Report", Speaker, Northrop Grumman Corporation seminar, Dominguez Hills, CA.


  • "Sensors in Robotics", Speaker, BEI Corporation Board of Directors meeting, San Francisco, CA.
  • "Intelligent mobile robots: A status report", Speaker, Distinguished Lecture Series, Computer Science Department, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.
  • "Trends and opportunities in robotics", Speaker, RoboNexus conference, San Jose, CA.
  • "Rehabilitation robotics: Progress and problems", Speaker, IEEE International Conference on Robotics & Automation, Bio-Robotics workshop, New Orleans, LA.


  • "Intelligent Mobile Robots: Applications and commercial development", Plenary lecture, Automation 2003 conference, Taiwan.
  • "Rehabilitation robotics: Progress and problems", Speaker, Health consortium, Portland, OR.
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