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rmap_t Struct Reference

rmap object data More...

#include <rmap.h>

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Public Attributes

int num_ranges
 Number of range points in each scan.
double range_max
 Maximum accepted range.
double range_start
 Start angle for scans.
double range_step
 Angular resolution of scans.
double max_dist
 Maximum distance for matching points.
int range_interval
 Interval between key-ranges.
int key_interval
 Interval between key-scans.
int num_scans
 Scan list.
int max_scans
 Scan list.
int num_key_scans
 Number of key scans in list.
double grid_res
 Grid dimensions.
 Match grid (contains projected boundary points).
int num_items
 Flat list of items from the grid.
int max_items
 Flat list of items from the grid.
int items_size
 Flat list of items from the grid.
int num_cons
 Constraint list.
int max_cons
 Constraint list.
int match_count
 Useful counters for keeping stats.

Detailed Description

rmap object data

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