Harsh Vathsangam


Physical Activity Energy Estimation

Regular physical activity (PA) has many health benefits, including reduced obesity, reduced risk for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and several forms of cancer. Estimating calories burnt from daily physical activities could provide a vital tool in devising intervention measures. Being able to do this in real-time makes the problem all the more challenging. Current techniques require bulky,expensive equipment to estimate energy expenditure. The advent of low-cost, portable, low-power MEMS inertial sensors has provided the opportunity to characterize physical activity in an ubiquitous fashion. This research study aims at combining pattern recognition techniques and streaming data from inertial sensors to obtain a real-time, ubiquitous calorie counting system. We have demonstrated results in the case of treadmill walking and are currently looking to branch into other activities.
Source-code for Android Code

Mobile Phone based Indoor Localization

Current Wi-Fi fingerprinting based localization schemes have accuracies of 2 m or higher. Much higher potential accuracy can be potentially achieved by incorporating dynamics models of the user. Mobile phones with their suite of sensors and small sized form factors form the ideal platform to derive motion models. By fusing data from inertial sensors on phones with Wi-Fi RSS measurements, we aim to seek better accuracies for short term measurements.

Inertial Sensors as AACs

We demonstrate the use of inertial sensors in combination with speech generating devices to create voice output communication aid (VOCA) for use by children with motor impairments. A finite set of gestures are captured and associated with established templates in a text-to-speech algorithm. The system is built completely using commercially available inertial sensors and tablet computers, with open source text to speech software. It is expected to help bridge the gap between picture charts and commercial speech generating devices that require reasonable motor and language skills.