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Estimating Visibility of an area using mobile phones
Airborne particulate matter is a serious threat to both our health and the environment. It is also the primary cause for visibility degradation in urban metropolitan areas. We present the design, implementation, and evaluation of an optical technique to measure visibility using commodity cameras and other sensors commonly found on mobile phones. more..
Walking Speed Estimation using Hip-Mounted Inertial Sensors and Mobile Phones
Walking is one of the most common activities available to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Accurate detection of walking speeds in free-living conditions would provide a critical parameter to characterize intensity. We present the use of a hip-mounted inertial sensor system that transmits triaxial accelerometer and gyroscope data to a nearby phone. In doing so, we aim to provide a point-of-care solution to the problem of estimating walking speeds. more..
André - An Android-Based Robotics Platform
This is a class project (for CSCI 546) done by Sebastian Goodman and Gokul Ramachandran. We created a robotics platform by combining the iRobot Create with the Android Nexus phone. In a nutshell, Android Phone + Create = Powerful mobile robot platform. more..
Gesture Recognition for Portable Devices
We aim to explore gesture recognition paradigms for portable devices such as Mobile phones for non contact interaction. Our goal is to create an intuitive alternate communication interface using movements of the human body. more..