Gregory Koch

I am currently a junior at Austin College concentrating in Computer Science and Mathematics with a minor in French. My current research interests are in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, non-Euclidean Geometry, and Differential Geometry. To this end, I am participating in the NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program at the University of Southern California in Prof. Maja Mataric's lab this summer, working on a project in Socially Assistive Robotics. Further details about my current project can be found on my Project page.

My previous experience includes working on a year-long project with Dr. Jack Mealy at Austin College in Snell Geometry. We presented the results of our research first at the Austin College Science Preview Day 2011, then published in the conference proceedings of the AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings 2011 in New Orleans, LA ("Minimizing networks in Snell Geometry; the Snell-Steiner criterion", Abstract). Similar results were presented at the Austin College Undergraduate Research Symposium poster session under the title "Optimization of length-minimizing Steiner trees in Snell Geometry". Further work includes formalizing results about Steiner minimal trees under Snell's law and investigating geodesic curvature with the Gauss-Bonnet theorem.

My personal hobbies include playing the piano, swimming, programming, and mathematics. In particular, I enjoy participating in the Putnam Competition as an undergraduate Mathematics major.