Andrea Lawler
WiSE Undergraduate Fellow
University of Southern California
Email: alawler [at] usc [dot] edu
Phone: 213-740-6245
Office: 3710 McClintock Avenue, RTH 423, Los Angeles, CA 90089

Plain and simple, I love robots. I have been interested in working with (and coding for) them ever since I first saw AI (kidding) and learned more about companies like WillowGarage that aspire to make personal robotics a reality (not kidding). I'm a Southern California native, but please do not ask me to surf, and my majors are like my children -- though they are polar opposites, I love them both equally. Now, as for the not-so-simple....

I am extremely passionate about inspiring young students -- particularly young girls -- to pursue careers in the fields of science and engineering, and a large amount of my volunteer work revolves around this interest of mine. I also love to travel and learn new languages, and I have an ever-expanding bucket list that I am working to complete.

In future projects, I would like to continue researching robotic influence on humans, whether that be through imitation and liking or through emotion. I hope to attend graduate school within a few years of earning my BS and BFA, where I plan to pursue a Master's or PhD in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence). Be sure to visit often for updates!

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