Andrea Lawler
Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Undergraduate Fellow
University of Southern California
Email: alawler [at] usc [dot] edu
Phone: 213-740-6245
Office: 3710 McClintock Avenue, RTH 423, Los Angeles, CA 90089

Milestones for Current Project (Approximate End Date for Each):
  • Finish learning ROS (early February)
  • Understand Gaussian Distribution and its implementation in my research (early February)
  • Designing the algorithm(s) needed to carry out the robot's babbling and mimicry of the human's speech timing (mid-February)
  • Create processes that will enable us to measure increased empathy following the interaction (mid-February)
  • Researching how to best code these algorithms, and then coding in ROS/Python (early to mid-March)
  • Testing/Modifying to ensure that the designed code executes correctly (mid- to late-March)
  • Identify subjects for experimentation (mid-March)
  • Begin to run experimentation (mid- to late-March)
  • Create poster (mid-April)
  • Identify additional problems, if any, that need to be solved (early April)
  • Finish any last steps necessary ('potpourri' step) before writing the report (mid-April)
  • Writing the report (mid- to late-April)
  • *Note: These milestones are not necessarily in order and are subject to slight change.

  • Interaction Lab