Andrea Lawler
Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Undergraduate Fellow
University of Southern California
Email: alawler [at] usc [dot] edu
Phone: 213-740-6245
Office: 3710 McClintock Avenue, RTH 423, Los Angeles, CA 90089

About: I am currently a third-year undergraduate at the University of Southern California. I work under the supervision of PhD fellow Elaine Short as part of the Interaction Lab under Professor Maja Matarić. I currently receive support from the Women in Science and Engineering Undergraduate Research Fellowship to conduct my current project on speech timing imitation of a humanoid robot during its interaction with a human. (Please refer to my research page for more details on this project.)

I am pursuing my BS in Electrical Engineering (Controls and Robotics; Signal Processing) within USC's Viterbi School of Engineering and my BFA in Writing for Screen and Television within USC's School of Cinematic Arts.

Research Summary: The majority of my research interests pertain to decision-making and learning algorithms and their application to social robotics. In my current work, I focus on the use of probabilistic graphical models, such as Gaussian Processes, and the use of machine learning to create imitation models for an autonomous robot to assume when conversing with a human. By designing and implementing a model of speech timing for the robot in said interaction, an increased bond and sense of empathy is expected to be shown by the person toward the robot.
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