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The work of Profs. A. Requicha, D. Caron, D. Estrin, M. Mataric, and G. Sukhtame on the NSF ITR grant for miniature robot use in ocean pollution monitoring was featured in several articles, including in the Associated Press (article by Leon Drouin Keith, Jan 11, 2002), in Wired, on slashdot, unisci, and the USC News Service.

The April 23, 2001 U.S.News and World Report featured a cover article by Thomas Hayden on "The Age of Robots" with a section in which Maja was quoted about our Interaction Lab's approach to primitives-based motor control and imitation for humanoids.

E-zine feature by Cindy Simonetti, on the Web from Sep 2001.

Jim Krane of the Associated Press interviewed Maja for an article about humanoid robots, Robot Technology Marches Forward, which appeared Thursday June 21 1:26 PM ET, 2001.

New Scientist magazine ran an article by Mark Ward about Adonis dancing the Macarena titled The Dancing Droid, July 18, 1998.

In fact, only being away (Jul 27-30 & Aug 2-16) due to a conference and a vacation has prevented inteviews with BBC London, Spiegel, and various others. Adonis is quite popular!

"'Slick Willie' serves public: Robotics convention stresses practicality," by Joann Loviglo, The Washington Times, Washington, DC, Saturday August 2, 1997. The excerpt from this article describes our team's winning performance in the "Hors d'Oeuvres Anyone?" event of the AAAI'97 Robot Competition.

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Radio, TV and Film

Ever wonder if robots can have personalities?, Perry Roth-Johnson, California Science Center, October 28, 2020.

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Training by a robot gym instructor featuring Juan Fasola, Jon Stewart, BBC News, September 30, 2011.

Thought Leaders in Autism, ADHD and LD - Dr. Maja J. Mataric, January 22, 2011.

Maja's career was profiled by IEEE for and, Dec 10, 2010. Video Download.

Bandit was mentioned on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno! NBC, Nov 11, 2010. Video Download.

Maja was interviewed by Rob Marciano for a TV piece on Bandit. CNN, Nov 10, 2010. Video Download.

"Robot Caregivers Could Give More Independence to the Elderly". Interview with study participant and Juan Fasola by Sanden Totten. KPCC Radio, October 7th, 2010. MP3 Audio Link.

"Digital Planet". Interview of Maja Mataric by Jon Stewart. BBC Radio, June 4th, 2010.

Maja was interviewed by Ellen Shehandeh for KWMR, Community Radio for West Marin in the San Francisco Bay area, Dec 17, 2009.

"Autism: Breaking Barriers". NBC Today Show, April 15th, 2009.

"Robot Playmates". Interview of Maja Mataric by Ronnie Josef from KCSN News about the Interaction Lab work on the robotics for autism intervention.

"Learning Robotics". CNN Headline News, Aug 25th, 2008.

"Kinder, Gentler Robots", Paul Peterson and Maja Mataric, Aging in LA.

TV'S CYBERGUY VISITS THE VITERBI ROBOTICS RESEARCH LAB Computer scientist and senior associate dean Maja Mataric's work on robots of all kinds was the subject of an extended segment on KTLA-TV.

Maja is featured on the June 11th 2005,CBC's "Quirks & Quarks" radio show with host Bob McDonald.

Maja is featured as one of the 7 scientists (including Nobel Laureate Gertrude Elion, Ashok Gadgil, Michio Kaku, Steven Pinker, Karol Sikora, and Patricia Wright) in the Emmy Award-nominated documentary feature film "Me & Isaac Newton", directed by Michael Apted, produced by Clear Blue Sky Productions, and distributed by First Look Pictures. The movie includes footage of our Interaction Lab students and robots, and has received various awards. Articles about the movie include those in The New Yorker, Forbes, Science Magazine, USC Chronicle, The USC Daily Trojan, etc.

KCET-TV Public Television ''The Life & Times Tonight'' interview for the segment on ''Artificial Intelligence'', aired Jun 27, 2001.

ABC Evening News interview by Miriam Hernandez, aired Jun 27, 2001.

Maja was interviewed by UPN Channel 13 News about humanoid robotics and its potential and impact on the future. The spot aired on the 10pm News on June 20, 2001.

Maja's LEGO-kit-based CS 445 Introduction to Robotics course was featured on Fox News (Channel 11) and some others on December 15, 2000, when teams competed in an adapted soccer tournament as part of the course final. More info here.

Our following and foraging robots were featured in the November 2nd, 1999 Scientific American Frontiers hosted by Alan Alda, titled "Natural Born Robots". A transcript of the program is found here. For more information about the program, look here. As a result, Maja answered questions about robotics on Ask the Scientists and promoted the lab on Cool Careers, with hopes of recruiting the world to the Interaction Lab.

Maja's LEGO-kit-based CS 445 Introduction to Robotics course was featured on KTLA-5 TV, TRRV-TV, and KNX-AM radio on December 16, 1999, when teams competed in a puck-collecting task as a part of the course final. More info here.

On Nov 1st, 1999, Jonathon Sterns from the Quickband Networks visited the Robotics Lab to film Laika walking around (thanks to Aude) and talk with Maja about robot pets and the future of robotics. Along with many interviews, this will be included in their upcoming DVD video called "Short", to come out in Feb 2000.


On April 28, 1999, Harry Chittick from ABC News visited the Interaction Lab to film our adaptive foraging robots for a Technology segment done by Jack Smith. The segment aired on ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings on Wednesday, May 5th, 1999. A video of the segment can be found on the ABC News Web page along with the article Thinking Machines Emerging.

Alan Alda, the host of Scientific American Frontiers, visited our lab on March 8, 1999, and interacted with our robots as they performed various examples of biomimetic behavior, including flocking, foraging, playing soccer, cocktail party socializing, and dancing the Macarena.

On Oct 2, 1998, Rachel Tejada from TriMuse productions did an interview for a RoboCup documentary called "Charging New Minds."

On July 23rd, 1998, Maja was interviewed by Damian Rabbitt from ABC radio in Perth, Australia, about Adonis dancing the Macarena.

Edwin Cartlidge from the BBC World Service in London interviewed Maja about Adonis dancing the Macarena. July 21, 1998.

Discovery Channel series on AI, interview with Cliff Lonsdale and Jane Hawkes, September 16, 1996.

New Zealand Public Radio, interview on March 30, 1996.

CNN Morning Edition, September 26, 1995.
Brian Jenkins visits the Interaction Lab.



Bandit, Ross Mead, Maja, and Edward Kaszubski attended the DGA Directors' Retreat at the California Science Center on September 15 2012.

Bandit, Ross Mead, and Maja attended the World Science Festival in New York in June of 2012. Bandit and Maja were featured at the screening of the film Robot & Frank, as part of the panel on The Future of Computerized Companions. Bandit and Maja were also quite an entertaining duo at the Spotlight: Innovation from Unexpected Places event (top left image). Shown below are Bandit and Ross at Innovation Square, a large all-day public event in downtown Brooklyn.

Bandit and Maja were invited presenters at the 2010 TEDex at USC held in April (images below).