The current status of the project

Milestones Due date Status
# 7 - Create a ROS package which teleoperate the KIPR Link via the ROS Joy message October 2013 ongoing

Clean-up: Use ROS parameter to specify the input; Add a linear/angular velocity mode


Initial version is implemented. It allows controlling the velocity of the two iCreate wheels using two joysticks.

# 6 - Setup a Angstrom cross-compilation server December 2013 ongoing

The upload of the required packages is still ongoing. Once I got them all, I can start to setup the server.

# 5 - Integrate ROS into the KISS IDE (Prototype) November 2013 ongoing

Phone conference with Braden to discuss the relevant internals of the KIPR Link and the KISS IDE


I'm now able to include my headers and link against my libraries if I modify /etc/kovan/platform.hints accordingly. Unfortunately it does not work with ROS libraries yet.

# 4 - Implement a ROS package which interfaces the KIPR Link October 2013 ongoing

Implement the KIPR Link motor API calls.


Weekly summary: An initial version is working. However not all API functions are implemented yet. I fixed the behavior of the create_connect function.

# 3 - Get high-level ROS algorithm working (e.g. openni_camera, navigation, mapping) TBA postponed

Current status: There are indications that KIPR Link has not enough processing power to allow the openni_camera node running on it. In addition, this package depends on various other packages which are not trivial to port to our platform.

It looks like that navigation and mapping may be able to run on small scenarios. However, the limited amount of system memory doesn't allow us to compile the required libraries directly on the link. A cross-compilation environment is required to complete this task.

# 2 - Upgrade to ROS Groovy Galapagos March 2013 done

ROS Groovy Galapagos was released in December 2012. As Electric is now obsolete and Groovy Galapagos has a new advanced build system which will work better with our platform, we decided to upgrade to it.

# 1 - Proof of concept December 2012 done

Getting familiar with the KIPR Link and ROS and investigate if it is possible to port ROS Electric to the KIPR Link and access the KIPR Link Robot Controller API via ROS.

Result: The KIPR Link is not an optimal device for ROS. It has limited hardware resources and uses a Linux distribution on which ROS is not working out of the box. Nevertheless, I got the ROS master ported and running on the Link.