PyPlayer: Python Client for Player/Stage

IR Device

Function get_ir()
Parameters index=0
Return tuple of a set of voltage values and a set of range values
Description Return the latest data of an IR device.
Example >>> robot.get_ir()
((3.4, 3.2, 3.3), (128, 115, 123)) >>>

Function get_ir_pose()
Parameters None
Return tuple of pose tuples. The pose tuple is (x-offset, y-offset, yaw-offset).
Description Retrieve the pose information of IR sensors.
Example >>> robot.get_ir_pose()
((115, 130, 50), (0, 150, 0), (-115, 130, -50))

Function turnon_ir()
Parameters None
Return None
Description Turn on IR sensors.
Example >>> robot.turnon_ir()

Function turnooff_ir()
Parameters None
Return None
Description Turn off IR sensors.
Example >>> robot.turnoff_ir()