PyPlayer: Python Client for Player/Stage


Version 1.3.x : Compatiable with Player/Stage v1.3.x
  • PyPlayer v1.3.1
    • fixed a bug in comms device.
  • PyPlayer v1.3.0
    • all changes in Player/Stage v1.3 has been applied.
    • most devices (except idarturret, idar, and descartes) are supported.
    • all message types defined in CVS player version are supported.
    • configure_*() function names were changed to set_*_config().
    • the BPS device of Player v1.3 is broken.

Version 1.2.x : Compatiable with Player/Stage v1.2.x
  • PyPlayer v1.2.1
    • bug fix in show_vision().
  • PyPlayer v1.2.0
    • more message types were added.
    • authentication is supported.
    • the message format for sonar has been changed.
    • the return value format of get_sonar() been changed.
    • the geometry of sonar can be queried.
    • the configuration/geometry of laser sensors can be queried.
    • the message format for vision device has been changed.
    • the return value format of get_vision() has been changed.
    • set_laserbeacon_bit() and set_laserbeacon_threshold() are combined into configure_laserbeacon().
    • the configuration of laser sensors can be queried.
    • the communication method of broadcast device has changed.
    • GPS device does not have a configuration request anymore.
    • the BPS device of Player v1.2 seems half broken.

Version 1.1.x : Compatiable with Player/Stage v1.1.x
  • PyPlayer v1.1.2
    • [bug fixed] sometimes 'KeyError' exception was raised when get_*() functions was invoked before sensory data arrived.
    • commented out several annoying debugging messages.
  • PyPlayer v1.1.1
    • [bug fixed] The sensory data repository must've been instance attributes, not class attributes.
  • PyPlayer v1.1.0
    • first release.
    • BPS device has not been tested yet.