My name is Han Xiao, I am a senior sutdent pursuing my B.S. in Electirc Engineering at the University of Southern California.

I am now working in the Robotics Interaction Lab with Juan Fasola under the supervision of Prof. Maja J Matarić. The project I am doing is about Social Assistant Robots and Human-Robot Interactions. My job is to set up control systems and interfaces for several different robots.

My areas of study in Electrical Engineering include Control and Robotics, Signal Processing and Computer Architecture. My research interests in robotics are Control and Optimization, Motion Planning and Computer Vision. I am hoping to pursuit a graduate study in those areas of robotics.

In my spare time, I like watching movies, playing video games (StarCraft II and World of Warcraft) and doing sport: Badminton, Tennis and Skiing!! I also play saxophone, have red belt in TAEKWONDO.