In addition to research, Ryan also enjoys reaching out to students in the community and teaching them about the exciting world of robotics. His primary philosophy is to motivate students to explore the world around them through applications and hands-on experiences with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Mentorship has always been a component of Ryan’s life, and he has actively been participating in outreach education since 2003.
Ryan is currently the director of the Student Teacher Outreach Mentorship Program (STOMP) site at the University of California, STOMP@USC. This program utilizes LEGO MindStorm NXT kits to teach the principles of robotics and its connection to STEM disciplines.
STOMP@USC is a continuation of the outreach development that Ryan participated in while in Hawai`i. There, he co-developed and directed two outreach programs; Robo-Nemo for children under the age of 7, and STOMP@HI Aquabotica for students in grades 3-12.
If you are interested in outreach, or you are a teacher who would like STOMP to visit your classroom, please visit the STOMP@USC website or email Ryan Smith at
Outreach Education