The NAMOS project has been active at USC RESL since 2002. This site is no longer maintained actively, and all current NAMOS-related activities are found on the CINAPS website.
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Redondo Harbor Patrol, May 22, 2007
Sonar Tests

Gaurav's Pool, Mar 23, 2007
Sonar Tests

Catalina Island, Jan 24, 2007
QBoat and one buoy in the ocean

Redondo Harbor, Dec 20, 2006
At the harbor

Lake Fulmor, Biological facts
The phytoplankton community in Lake Fulmor showed a high degree of variability across deployments, most likely varying in response to changing temperature stratification and nutrient regimes. In May the surface assemblages were highly dominated by the diatom Asterionella formose (Figure 1a).
Small euglenid flagellates (Fig 1d), large flagellates (Fig 1c), and cryptophytes (Fig 1b) were also abundant at the surface and at depth. The plankton community in late June showed strong dominance of diatoms and dinoflagellates (Fig 1e, 1j), with colonial Gloeocapsa-like cyanobacteria also present (Fig 1g). In late August a persistent surface scum composed of the cyanobacterium Anabaena spiroides (Fig 1k) formed in the late mornings and accumulated along the lake's margins. In the water column dominant phytoplankton included large Peridinium and Ceratium dinoflagellates (Figs 1i, 1j), diatoms, and a large aggregation of small flagellates at the 3m depth (Fig 1f).

Lake Fulmor, James Reserve, CA, Aug 28-Sep 01, 2006
R2D2 vision data gathering run

Lake Fulmor, James Reserve, CA, Jun 21, 2006
R2D2 vision data gathering run

Lake Fulmor, James Reserve, CA, May 08-11, 2006
NIMS & NAMOS in joint action

Echo Park Lake, LA, Nov 16, 2005
Boat autonomy tests at Echo Park Lake

James Reserve Deployment, Oct 26-28, 2005
Our fifth JR Trip. This was the first time we streamed the data collected in real time over internet which was presented at the CENS Research Review.

CENS Site Visit, Jun 17, 2005
Our demo at site visit

James Reserve Deployment, May 16-20, 2005
Our second field buoy deployment.

James Reserve Deployment, Apr, 2005
Our first field buoy deployment.

James Reserve Trip, Sep 20, 2004
Our first trip to James Reserve to test the boat

Balboa Lake, Sep 15, 2004
Testing the improved hull design at Balboa Lake

Pascal Fountain, USC, Sep 14, 2004
This was the first time the boat was water bourne after hull modifications to increase its buoyancy.

Shelter Island Trip, May 16-20, 2004
Our first field trip to test the boat dynamics and functionality

Pascal Fountain, USC, Apr 15, 2004
This was the first time the boat was water bourne.

Dye Experiments, Apr 22, 2003
Studying the migration of color dye's across thermocline.

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