Perceptually Motivated Symbol Generation
Could a computer invent an alphabet?
Humans possess a remarkable ability to reduce complex concepts to symbols and then use those symbols to facilitate communication.
But what makes a good symbol?  Could an algorithm create good symbols automatically?
My name is Jeff Norris and I was a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department of the University of Southern California from 2001 to 2008.  My advisor was Professor Maja Matarić.  I completed my Ph.D. while working full-time as the supervisor of the Planning Software Systems Group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where I continue to work today.  Here is my CV.
My dissertation was focused on an algorithm for the automatic, perceptually-motivated generation of visual symbols.  My Ph.D. guidance committee members were Professors David Kempe, Shri Narayanan, Guarav Sukhatme, and Bosco Tjan.
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I’ve Graduated!
I successfully defended my dissertation on March 12, 2008.  I’m continuing as a group supervisor at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  My JPL page is here.