Summer 2010 REU Awardee


Deixis is an HRI experiment that was developed by Ross Mead and Aaron St. Clair. It is a system for situated head and arm motion specification playback for modeling human perception of robot deictic gestures. The experiment incorporates the Bandit-II as the gesturing robot, the SICK LMS for finding markers, Point Grey Firefly MV Cameras for head-tracking with the ARToolKit, and the Nintendo Wiimote for facilitating the procedure.


The bag2video pacakge is a utilty that will consume a bag file of compressed images, and return a .avi file (hence the name, "bag2video"). It uses image_transport for publishing/subscribing to images between ROS nodes, and CvBridge to convert between ROS image messages and OpenCV IPLimages--all part of ROS. The videos I converted use ARTags, which are used for tracking head orientation through augmented reality.
bag2video can also create a video file at a variable framerate, given a directory of .jpg images.


I programmed the Wiimote controller using the ROS wiimote package, which allows communication with ROS nodes through the ROS framework. Connecting through Bluetooth, the /joy node returns button, LED, rumble, and accelerometer/gyro data. My program uses this data, along with sensor input from the SICK Laser Measurement Sensor, to save waypoint coordinates for the Deixis Experiment (see above).

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