Talks and Posters

Presented here are some of the technical and non technical talks I have given over my multiple years. This list focuses on my technical presentations related to my research and academic interests. This list is not comprehensive. (specifically it was only started in November 1998, so it misses some, and sometimes I don't list talks/presentations)

Also presented further below are some of the poster sessions I have done.


Acquiring and Engineering for Net-Centric Space Systems
19th Annual Systems and Software Technology Conference, Tampa, Florida, USA, 18-21 Jun 2007, with Francis Sisti (The Aerospace Corporation). Examines the issues in which types of leadership models are more appropriate for net-centric space system-of-systems. The talk examines the various leadership models, specifically contrasting transactional and transformational leadership models are appropriate to different types of acquisitions. Then two cases are examined: first is the organization of a single space acquisition program to handle the software portions of its system-of-systems nature. The second example examines the leadership and administration of an enterprise of many space system acquisitions and how that addresses net-centric software issues.
Early Software Discipline for Ground Systems Working Group Summary
2007 Ground Systems Architecture Workshop (GSAW), Manhattan Beach, CA, 27-29 March 2007. Summarized presentations and outlined discussion topics from working group session on the challenges and rewards of software discipline applied in the early acquisition and developmental life cycle phases for the ground system component of space systems.
A Case Study in Acquiring Robotic Capabilities: Inherently a System of Systems Activity?
Convocation of the Center for Systems and Software Engineering, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, 23-26 Oct 2006. Examination of the acquisition environment, development, and acceptance testing, and ultimate failure of a robotic system to be transitioned to operational use, despite meeting all technical and business case requirements. Root causes are examined and postuation that robots that operate with humans inherently perform in a system of systems context.
Software Architecture on the Acuisition Side
2006 Annual Research Review of the Center for Software Engineering, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, 13-16 March 2006.
Role of the PMO's Software Division
2006 Ground Systems Architecture Workshop (GSAW), Manhattan Beach, CA, 27-30 March 2006.
Acquisition Guidance for Space Software
17th Annual Systems & Software Technology Conference (SSTC), Salt Lake City, Ut, 18-21 April 2005.
Robotics for Space Manufacturing Summary Session
15th bi-annual Space Studies Institute conference on Space Manufacturing, Priceton, NJ, 09 - May - 2001. Summarized presentations and outlined current trends of robotics in space exploration and development.
Introduction to Construction Automation
15-413 Software Engineering course at Carnegie Mellon, PA, USA, 18 - Jan - 2001. Overviewed construction, automation, and research by NIST and CMU to a class of senior undergraduate computer science students undertaking a project based on construction automation.
Welcome Keynote
NIST-CMU Workshop, Gaithersburg, MD, USA, 11 - July - 2000
LiveView Project Summary
Status, lessons learned, and vision for the future of the LiveView project.
For further information on LiveView see my NIST projects page.
Design presentation: an architecture to support rapid design iteration of a reading tutor that listens
Carnegie Mellon University, Listen Project Group, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Janurary 1999
Engineering Human Interfaces in Wearable Computers
NIST, Construction Metrology and Automation Group, Gaithersburg, MD, USA, 18 - November - 1998

Poster Sessions

Cost Effective Surface Inspections for Guided Vehicle Roadways
2002 Pennslyvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance Symposium, Harrisburg, PA, USA, March, 2002
also presented at 2002 Advanced Infrastructure Systems Laboratory Open House, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, April 4, 2002
Overview of the cost analysis for inspecting surfaces for guided vehicle systems. No direct papers were submitted with the poster. For futher information on surface inspection for guided vehicles, see my CMU research page.
Construction Automation Protocols and their Applicaiton to Space
14th Space Studies Institute Conference on Space Manufacturing, Princeton, New Jersy, USA, May 6-9, 1999
Introduction of LiveView to space community presenting the need and applications for open standards for construction in space in the near term (with construction and maintenance of the Space Station) and the longer term.
For further information on LiveView see my NIST projects page. Supporting publication Construction Metrology beyond Earth, A White Paper. For further information about the Space Studies Institute, see their webpage.

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