Week 12

7/30/12 – 8/3/12

Number of hours worked: 13

This week, I had a meeting with Ross and we talked about the current recruitment status. I created a list of the current demographics that USC and SIUE have, as well as the optimal demographics for USC (if we are able to get the top African-American demographic schools that we are targeting) and the total demographics for both USC and SIUE. This really helped us figure out what each side needs to do in order to attain the necessary demographics.

I contacted over 15 schools that we are specifically targeting and hope to get at least some of them to reply back. I found the contact for the principals and some math/science teachers through a lot of googling and browsing their school websites.

Leann told me that Dr. W and Dr. T have given their approval for us to start sending out commitment letters to our seriously committed schools. I made some minor edits to the Letter of Commitment for USC, but I am going to wait until more schools reply back to us before sending the letters.

Week 11

7/23/12 - 7/27/12

Number of hours worked: 3

This week, I put together a list of schools that I have been in contact with a lot and have seemed really interested and sent this to Leann. She put together a spreadsheet of the “seriously committed” teams from both USC and SIUE, showing the total demographics that we currently have.

After Leann had a meeting with Dr. Thomas and Dr. Weinberg from SIUE, she told me to hold off on sending any commitment letters until they are feeling good about their demographic spread.

Week 10

7/16/12 - 7/20/12

Number of hours worked: 1.5

My coordination with Leann has been progressing. She said that she has been busy lately so she hasn't had time to have Skype or phone meetings, but she believes that email will be sufficient for now. I told her our recruitment status already as well as sent her our spreadsheets (Informational Session RSVP and Committed Schools).

As schools that I've contacted (+10% African Americans) are responding back to me, I am updating her with which schools can and cannot participate. After, we are planning to combine our demographics information and see how many and which schools (in terms of demographics) we need to be recruiting. I am predicting that I will need to try to get in contact with schools with a very high African American demographic.

Out of the 15 schools I contacted, 7 of the teachers attended the informational session (so approximately half-half). The schools that were represented at the informational session were majority Latino/a, but since we have low AA demographics, I am more focusing on schools with higher AA percentages, since those schools also have a good amount of Latino/as also.

Week 9

7/9/12 - 7/13/12

Number of hours worked: 6.5

This week, Ross and Gary wanted Leann and I to co-chair the recruitment committee and work closely together to share notes, and organize and provide information in a consistent manner. Gary suggested that we plan routine meetings, ways to coordinate data, and methods by which we can update the rest of the team.

After contacting Leann, I learned that she is working on getting schools with a higher African American population to commit. However, she has been having trouble getting in contact with the schools because the emails are not going through and not many people are at the schools right now so she can only leave voice messages. Learning about these challenges are preparing me for when I have to contact schools with high African American demographics.

To have a better idea of how many more schools the STL side needs to recruit, they need to know the number of schools with African Americans in the LA region that are 100% ready to commit. Thus, I created a spreadsheet with the interested schools/teachers and put them in descending order of the preferred demographics and emailed the top (15) schools with 10%+ African Americans to ask if they are serious about committing to the project.

The downside is that the African American demographic would still be below what we need even if all the 15 schools committed, which means I will definitely have to recruit more schools with high African American demographics.

Also this week, the dates for the Teacher Training, Teacher Workshop, and Greater LA Botball Tournament have been finalized and the NSF Annual Report has been submitted.

Week 8

7/2/12 - 7/6/12

Number of hours worked: 13

This week, Ross met with our SIUE collaborators and wanted to give them an update on recruitment, so I put together a one-page single-spaced summary of our recruitment efforts and the percentage demographics.

I also reviewed the USC annual report, made edits/additions, and elaborated on points that needed to be expanded. Most of the content from my one-page summary was somehow weaved into the annual report, so I was glad that it was able to come into use again. It was my first time working with something as formal and important as the USC annual report (which affects whether or not the project will continue receiving the large grant) so I was a little nervous about having the responsibility to edit it, but overall I think it was a great learning experience.

Since the annual report is submitted through an online form, I consolidated all of the documents that we have produced into a single folder in the Dropbox ITEST directory, so that they could be sent along with the annual report.

Another milestone I had this week was finally creating my website. After weeks of browsing through the w3schools website and being intimidated by the thought of creating my own website when I knew nothing about html and the “terminal,” I finally got the push and confidence to start it from my friend (who also introduced me to Filezilla which seemed to be a little easier to use than the terminal to me). Although the website is still in progress (for example, I don’t know how to get the pictures up yet), I am happy that I was able to finally get the core parts up and running!

Week 7

6/25/12 - 6/29/12

Number of hours worked: 4

This week, I edited the commitment letter that Leann had written to send out to the teachers so that it fit USC’s needs.

Week 6

6/18/12 - 6/22/12

Number of hours worked: 5.5

Since my summer classes at the local community college started this week, my work hours declined as I tried to balance both school and work.

This week, I continued to keep in touch with interested teachers even after the informational session had passed. Apparently, there were still teachers whom had just received the information about the program from their principals.

Week 5

6/11/12 - 6/15/12

Number of hours worked: 15.5

The informational session on Saturday was a success! Approximately 35 of the expected 47 educators were in attendance, where they received informational materials and a presentation led by Ross. We had a Q&A session after where teachers could ask any questions they may have, and the entire event lasted about 3 hours. It was really nice being able to meet the teachers that I had been communicating with and see their enthusiasm for participating in the program in person.

The educators who were unable to attend the informational session were able to learn about the research study and Botball program through the presentation slides that I sent to them. The informational session had also been recorded (as a principal had suggested to me, which I thought was a great idea), but we ended up having audio problems with the video so we decided not to send it out.

After the informational session, I sent Ross the questions I had written down that we were not able to answer at the informational session such as teachers who asked (1) whether they could mentor multiple teams, but only have a single team participate in the program; (2) whether they could have more than 10 students on their team just in case some students dropped out; and (3) whether they could turn the mentorship into an elective class at their schools.

I also returned the informational materials that were not given out to the USC bookstore and made sure the catering invoice was paid for.

Week 4

6/4/12 - 6/8/12

Number of hours worked: 34.2

This week, I spent most of time making sure that everything for the informational session was prepared. I sent out detailed emails to everyone that confirmed that they were going to attend the informational session giving them all the information they would need from where to park to how to find the room. I ordered the food from First Street Cuisine and was able to bargain to reduce the price by almost $300 to meet our budget. I went to the USC bookstore and chose well-stocked and appropriate “informational materials” to hand out to the guests, bought them with an internal requisition I requested, and put together the materials in an aesthetic way. I also got the projector, nametags, and any other little things I thought we needed.

On Wednesday, I attended an ITEST webinar on Research and Stategies for Engaging African American and Latino Families in Informal STEM education. It was my first time attending a webinar, and I thought it was really convenient that people from all over the U.S. could attend a presentation over their computers. There were 2 presenters that spoke about the STEM programs (Watsonville TEC and Girls InnovaTE^3) that they are involved in. I am not exactly sure how I would be able to apply the knowledge to the work I am doing just yet, but it was interesting!

Week 3

5/28/12 - 6/1/12

Number of hours worked: 19

This week was mostly spent keeping in contact with all the educators interested in participating in the program. Although Ross had initially planned for me to call schools directly to introduce them to the program since he did not expect many schools to respond, this turned out to be unnecessary as we received a high number of positive responses. Within just a week, we had already received almost 50 responses; most of them were very enthusiastic about participating, which was great.

Since the informational session is around the corner, I had to start taking care of all the organizational aspects. In order to find the appropriate room to find the expected number of people and have room for food to be catered, I physically went to look for rooms myself and then sent in a request to reserve the room.

The demographics turned out to show that we were low on the African American demographic, so I created a spreadsheet of schools that had at least 15% African American students which I could start calling first.

Week 2

5/21/12 - 5/25/12

Number of hours worked: 28.5

On Saturday, I attended the Greater Los Angeles Botball Regional Tournament in San Bernardino. Ross thought that it would be the best way for me to learn what Botball was, as opposed to just reading about it and watching videos (which I also did). It was really fun, as my friend and I got to be table judges, tallying the points that the teams receive for their robots’ tasks. I feel like if I had been involved in Botball when I was younger, I probably would have ended up majoring in Engineering or Computer Science instead!

Since the letters to the teachers, principals, and regional and district superintendents were sent to over 1000 schools in the Los Angeles region last week, we started getting replies back from them this week through the Survey Monkey questionnaire, email, and phone number. I emailed everyone that responded by telling them that we will send them more information about the informational session (if they said they could attend), how they could attain more information (if they said they could not attend), and whether they had any questions (if they were still undecided).

I also created a spreadsheet of the Informational Session RSVPs, saving not only their contact information, but also the demographics of their schools so that we could know which demographics we needed and which we did not.

The only problem I encountered this week was that some of the emails I sent did not go through and were sent back to me. I will have to find other ways of contacting these teachers.

Week 1

5/14/12 - 5/18/12 2

Number of hours worked: 22.1

As it was my first week working here at the Interaction Lab, this week consisted of a lot of technical stuff. A personal door code was set up for me (how cool!) and a web space was created for when I make my website (that will be interesting). I learned how to use Dropbox for the first time, for this is how recruitment documents will be shared with everyone working with the ITEST grant.

Ross and I set up an ITEST-specific email (nsf-itest@usc.edu) and phone number (213-444-1BOT) for when I will start getting into contact with schools, teachers, principals, and superintendents. It will be my responsibility to manage both the emails and phone calls. I also created the Survey Monkey questionnaire that the interested educators will be completing once they receive information about the project.

To get familiar with the overall project, I read 3 major documents: the NSF ITEST grant proposal solicitation, Project Summary, and Project Description. It was a little bit of tough reading, but it provided me with all the details for the grant. I created a really simple and concise FAQ’s sheet based on the information attained from the 3 documents in order to summarize and comprehend everything I learned about the project so far.

To work with human participant data (as the participants will be the mentors), I also needed to be officially “human subjects certified.” I had to go through the CITI (Collaborative IRB Training Initiative) process to get my certification, which basically consisted of reading a lot of text about subjects ranging from “Research Misconduct” to “Conflicts of Interest and Commitment” and then getting at least 80%+ on the quizzes afterwards. The whole training took me approximately 4-5 hours to complete.

Overall, it was a great first week and I am excited to be contributing to this project!