Asia Krupa
Home I am working in Professor Maja Mataric's Interaction Lab, under the supervision of Elaine Short.

My work in the lab will include running experiments in which volunteers who are recovering from a stroke are led by a socially assistive robot through a button-reaching exercise. I will help to find subjects, collect data, and transcribe videos.

My research interests are broad, but currently my projects are related to learning. In this lab, robots will help stroke patients rehabilitate their motor skills using social interaction and persuasion techniques. I am also involved in a project with Dr. Sarah Bottjer's laboratory that is an examination of imitation-based learning in zebra finches, a species of songbirds. Our hypothesis is that the neurons of the shell pathway of a cortico-basal ganglia circuit are activated when the bird correctly replicates the song it was taught by a tutor in adolescence.