Andrew Howard

Research Assistant Professor
Robotics Research Lab
Computer Science Department
University of Southern California

Los Angeles CA 90089-0781
Voice: 1 (213) 740 6416
Fax: 1 (213) 740 7512

New news

Please note that this web page is no longer maintained and hopelessly out-of-date. Having said that, I am now working at Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), where I am lead engineer for the Dragon Optical Navigation subsystem (DragonEye). DragonEye is responsible for autonomously berthing the Dragon spacecraft with the International Space Station.

My current email address is Andrew dot Howard at spacex dot com.


I have moved to NASA JPL and joined the Machine Vision Group. My new email address is abhoward at robotics dot jpl dot nasa dot gov.


I am broadly interested in active, coordinated approaches to classical robot estimation problems such localization, mapping and exploration. My basic philosopy is to exploit coordinated behavior within teams of robots to simplify "hard" estimation problems. Thus, for example, robots can localize themselves in the absence of any a priori model of the environment by making use of other robots as landmarks . Similarly, the loop closure problem from concurrent localization and mapping can be solved using robot rendezvous; i.e., pairs of robots acting in concert to resolve potential ambiguities .

Some current and recent research projects are listed below.