6th Grade Hands-on Robotics Class
(Developed by Mitch Famighetti)

Weeks 1-2:
The first two weeks of this module are used to teach inventory of the parts, care of the batteries and charging units, and proper use and storage of the robotics kits. The emphasis will be on installing the software and basic programming logic.
Week 3, Day 1:
Students will build the first robot and program the RCX with the Pilot One program.
Week 3, Days 2-3:
Students will continue with the Pilot Two program.
Week 3, Days 4-5:
Introduction to the light sensor, file saving, and the program loop.
Week 4, Days 1-2:
Instruction in mapping sensor information to actions via the light sensor.
Week 4, Day 3:
Introduction to the Inventor level of RCX programming.
Week 4, Day 4:
Students will become familiar with stringing together commands, removing broken strings and debugging programs
Week 4, Day 5:
Twenty-five question test followed by introduction to modifiers and the functions palette.
Lesson Plans: [pdf] [doc]
Inventor Worksheet: [pdf] [doc]
Pilot Worksheet: [pdf] [doc]
Quiz: [pdf] [doc]
Parent Letter: [pdf] [doc]
Jason Mario Parts List: [pdf] [doc]