*Socially Assistive Robotics as Social and Cognitive Aids for the Elderly

*A Hands-Off Post-Stroke Physical Therapy Assistance Robot

1)Multi Lidar Calibration For Lerb Robot at NASA AMES IRG LAB


3D Point clouds from different lidars not well aligned using best estimates (digital level) of lidar poses with respect to robot.

Project Goals:

Creating Automated Calibration System

Download the power point here: [AutomatedCalibrationSystem.ppt]

2)Multiple Human Tracking in Dynamic Environment Using


Mobile robots need to perceive the objects around it and track their moving in real time. Also it need to identify the property of the object, for example, itís human or not.

Project Goals:

The key challenge is that though laser-scanner can get a good estimated position of object in the laser range, it may miss some objects that are blocked by other objects sometimes and is very difficult to identify itís human or not. For Vision- Based system, it is difficult to estimate the position of objects in the real world. In our paper, we use both laser-based system and vision-based system to track the objects in the laser range and identify its human or not when the objects are in the camera range. So we have a global information about the objects in the laser range and its human or not. A Simple Bayes Filter is used in the Laser-Based System, Particle Filter and Adaboost object detection algorithm are used in the Vision-Based System.

Download the power point here: [MultipleHumanTrackingInDynamicEnvironment.pdf]