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Accurate models of the world are necessary to facilitate effective decision-making and coordination in humanrobot teams. As part of this project, knowledge of the human, robot, and mission are captured in ontologies and knowledge bases. Using this information, an intelligent agent advises on interface suggestions, both during the development phase as well as in real-time. The goal of this project is to take advantage of these ontologies and knowledge bases to consider the operator, robot, and mission as part of the design, thus reducing expertise and training required to operate the robot.

The project will develop principled computational models for the recognition and control of proxemic co-robot behavior in HRI using both telepresence and autonomous co-robots. The research will establish a foundational component of HRI for co-robotics, with specific impact on special needs users in socially assistive contexts—particularly the elderly, both aging in place and in institutions—with the goal of mitigating isolation and depression, and encouraging exercise and socialization.

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This work is supported by DARPA SBIR D2-1200 in collaboration with Anthrotronix


Maja Mataric (PI)
Amin Atrash