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The Brandeis Days (1995-97)

Lab Limericks (1997-98)

Freaky Show in LA...(1999)

Hiking around LA (1999)

Get-together at Maja's house (1999)

A trip to the AAAI Mobile Robot Competition (1999)

People with popcorn helmets (2001)

Playing with the Nerd Herd (2003)

Mr Roboto (2004)

Local Girl Scout Troop Visit (2005)

USC's 125th Anniversary (2005)

Viterbi School of Engineering 100th Anniversary (2005)

HRI 2006 Conference, Salt Lake City (2006)

Robot Photos (2007)

Lab Party (2008)

Lab Group Photo (2008)

'Surrogates' Lab Visit (2009)

Hosting an international student visit (2009)

Lab Group Photo (2010)

Lab Students Posing for the HTE@USC Photo (2010)

Tiramisu! (2011)

Lab Group Photo (Summer 2011)

Lab Group Photo (2011)

Lab Holiday Card (2011)

George Bekey Service Awards (2012)


The Graduation of Dr. David Feil-Seifer (2012)

DGA Directors' Retreat at the California Science Center (2012)

Robotics Open House (2013)

Lab Holiday Card (2013)

Which Robot Are You? (2014)

Robotics Open House (2014)

The Graduation of Dr. Juan Fasola (2014)

SURE Summer Student Research Photos (2014)

Lab Holiday Card (2014)

Donut craziness at HRI 2015

George Bekey Service Awards (2015)