Computer People Helping Real People Work in Groups

I try to help computer people know how to be friends with real people. My work in this area looks at how to make these computer people be nice to groups of real people. I try to figure out how to tell the computer people what the right thing to do is. I have ideas that work with both computer people with real bodies and computer people that are just a moving picture on a computer. I also want to know what the real people think of the computer people. I hope that one day the computer people I make will be able to help kids who have a problem with learning make friends and learn better.

The plan that I give the computer person will use the chance of different things happening when the computer person does something in order to let it figure out what to do next. The computer person figures out what to do next by thinking about how it can best do two things: getting the work done well, and having the group work together well. My ideas is that the computer person can make the good things happen by figuring which of the real people in the group gets to have each thing that the computer person can control. I think the computer person can control things that are real, like a thing to play with or a thing that helps the group do work, and things that have to do with how the people work together, like who gets to say things and what the people are looking at.

I hope the plan will work, because then I will write the story of what I did and I will tell it to a group of my teachers, who will decide if I can be a doctor.