Macintosh / OS X links

OS X hacking tools
KisMAC passive stumber for OS X
OS X tips
The X Lab
Quicksilver intro
MKD software - home of System Optimizer X

Unix links

A Byte of Vim: excellent Vim manual
Linux command reference
10 must-have unix tools
Introduction to Linux
Latest NVidia drivers - Ubuntu forums
How to author video DVDs w/menus using Linux only
SSH tricks
screen: run processes remotely from detached terminals
Simplify data extraction using Linux text utilities

Math / Science links

UNC's collision detection and proximity query packages
Hyperphysics: online physics tutorial
Matrix & Quaternion FAQ
BibFinder: Computer Science Bibliography Mediator

Programming / technical links

Low-level virtual machine (LLVM)
Best Vim Tips
Meld visual diff and merge tool (human readable version of diff)
Non-Uniform Random Variate Generation: a great free book that tells you how to do just what it says
Java Cup: LALR parser generator for Java
Colt: high performance scientific computing for Java
The Tech FAQ: all sorts of goodies
Hypertext help with LaTeX
Description and documentation for LaTeX packages
ConTeXt: better than LaTeX?
HTML 4.0 Reference
Princeton 3D Model Search Engine
High-resolution VCD/SVCD stills on the UNIX command line
matlab-like plotting library for python processing: a language for creating images and animation

Robotics links

Android world
ODE: Open Dynamics Engine
Trinkle's survey of multibody dynamics software


USC Center for Excellence in Teaching
Can't decide where to eat? Let the cube decide.
Free high-res wallpaper
Urban Dictionary
How to get files off of your iPod
Memory improvement
Ron Azuma's guides for the Ph. D. student
Open Source Web Design