Boyoon Jung's Library Manual

Boyoon Jung's Library File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
avi_camera.hProvides a camera interface reading frames from AVI files
bayesian_motion_filter.hImplements a bayesian filter for motion tracking
behavior.hDefines base classes for robot behaviors
bjimage.hProvides an object-oriented interface for IplImage data structure
camera.hDefines a base class for various camera devices
camera_egomotion.hImplements an ego-motion compensation algorithm to detect moving objects
camera_util.hProvides utility functions for camera device access
dc1394_camera.hProvides the device driver for firewire cameras
dc1394_stereo.hProvides the device driver for firewire cameras
dewarp_filter.hImplements a dewarping filter for omni-directional camera images
dv1394_camera.hProvides the device driver for digital camcoders
em_cluster.hImplements a model-based clustering algorithm using EM method
feature_tracker.hImplements salient feature tracker
gaussian.hImplements a multivariate gaussian distribution
gazebo++.hDefines wrapper classes for libgazebo library
gazebo_camera.hProvides the device driver for a simulated camera of Gazebo
gazebo_stereo.hProvides the device driver for a simulated stereo head of Gazebo
gps.hProvides GPS device support
image_server.hImplements a thread-based client/server for image transmission over a network
imu.hProvides the device driver for MicroStrain 3DM-G IMUs
independent_stereo.hProvides a convenient way to access two independent cameras
joystick.hProvides joystick support on Linux
kalman.hImplements Kalman Filter variants
kd_cluster.hImplements a fast data clustering algorithm using a KD-tree
kd_tree.hProvides kernel-density tree data structures
kvaser_can.hProvides an interface to Kvaser CAN bus cards
laser.hProvides the device driver for SICK LMS-200 laser rangefinders
mdp.hImplements Markov Decision Process solvers
movie_writer.hProvides a quicktime movie encoder
mpeg_camera.hProvides a camera interface reading frames from MPEG files
occupancy_map.hImplements a local occupancy grid map
particle.hImplements particle filter variants
particle_motion_filter.hImplements a particle filter for motion tracking
pioneer.hA device driver for robots using P2OS
pixel_format.hProvides utility functions for pixel format conversion
player_updater.hDefines a thread to update sensory data from a Player server
pthread++.hDefines POSIX thread-related classes
q3dmg_pose.hProvides a Qt OpenGL widget to visualize a MicroStrain 3DM-G device
q3dmg_ui.hGenerated by Qt Designer
qbjimage.hProvides a Qt widget to display BjImage or IplImage
qcamera.hProvides a Qt widget to display camera images
qcamera_dialog.hProvides a Qt dialog widget to change camera properties
qcamera_dialog_ui.hGenerated by Qt Designer
qcompass.hProvides a Qt widget to display compass data
qdewarp.hProvides a Qt widget to display dewarped, omni-directional camera images
qdewarp_control.hProvides a Qt widget to change dewarping parameters interactively
qdewarp_dialog.hProvides a Qt dialog widget to change dewarping parameters
qdewarp_dialog_ui.hGenerated by Qt Designer
qglobe.hProvides a Qt OpenGL widget to display latitude/longitude data
qgps.hProvides a Qt widget to display GPS device data
qgps_satmap.hProvides a Qt widget to display satellite information
qgps_ui.hGenerated by Qt Designer
qimu.hProvides a Qt widget to display IMU device data
qlaser.hProvides a Qt widget to display laser rangefinder data
qposition.hProvides a Qt widget to display the poses of multiple sensors in 2D space
qstereo.hProvides a Qt widget to display stereo camera images
quicktime_camera.hProvides a camera interface reading frames from Quicktime files
qvfh.hProvides a Qt widget to display/change VFH algorithm
robot.hDefines common data structures for all robots
sdl_reader.hProvides a class for data retrieval from a SDLog file
sdl_types.hDefines common data types for SDLog functions
sdl_writer.hProvides a class for data logging to a SDLog file
segwayrmp.hProvides a device driver for Segway RMP robots
serial_port.hProvides RS-232 and RS-422 serial communication
sparse_matrix.hProvides sparse matrix data structure
stereo.hDefines a base class for various stereo camera devices
transform.hProvides various methods for image transformation
v4l2_camera.hProvides Video4Linux2 device support
v4l_camera.hProvides Video4Linux device support
vfh.hImplements Vector Field Histogram (VFH) algorithm
visca.hImplements VISCA protocol for Sony PTZ cameras

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