Boyoon Jung's Library Manual

Boyoon Jung's Library Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
bj::AdaptiveParticleFilterAn adaptive particle filter class
bj::AviCameraA wrapper class for avifile APIs
bj::BayesianMotionFilterA bayesian filter for motion tracking
bj::BehaviorA base class to implement robot behaviors
bj::BjImageA wrapper class for IplImage data structure
bj::CameraAn abstract class for camera devices
bj::CameraEgomotionAn egomotion compensation algorithm
bj::can_message_tData structure for CAN messages
bj::canbus_param_tData structure for CAN bus parameters
bj::DC1394CameraA wrapper class for libdc1394 APIs
bj::DC1394StereoA device driver for synchronized firewire stereo heads
bj::DewarpFilterA dewarping filter for omni-directional camera images
bj::DGPSA device driver for differential GPS units
bj::DV1394CameraA wrapper class for libdv APIs
bj::EMClusterA model-based clustering algorithm using Expectation-Maximization method
bj::ExtendedKalmanFilterAn Extended Kalman Filter class for non-linear systems
bj::FeatureTrackerA salient feature tracking algorithm
bj::GazeboCameraA simulated camera class for Gazebo simulator
bj::GazeboStereoA simulated stereo head class for Gazebo simulator
bj::GPSA device driver for GPS units
bj::GzCameraA camera interface to Gazebo simulator
bj::GzClientA client interface to Gazebo simulator
bj::GzFactoryA factory interface to Gazebo simulator
bj::GzFiducialA fiducial interface to Gazebo simulator
bj::GzGPSA GPS interface to Gazebo simulator
bj::GzGripperA gripper interface to Gazebo simulator
bj::GzHUDA HUD interface to Gazebo simulator
bj::GzLaserA laser interface to Gazebo simulator
bj::GzPositionA position interface to Gazebo simulator
bj::GzPowerA power interface to Gazebo simulator
bj::GzPTZA PTZ interface to Gazebo simulator
bj::GzSonarA sonar interface to Gazebo simulator
bj::GzStereoA stereo head interface to Gazebo simulator
bj::GzTruthA truth interface to Gazebo simulator
bj::GzWifiA wifi interface to Gazebo simulator
bj::ImageClientA client to receive images from ImageServer
bj::ImageServerA thread-based server to send images to ImageClient
bj::ImageServerThreadA thread to manage a ImageClient list
bj::imu_euler_tData structure for IMU Euler angles
bj::imu_matrix_tData structure for an IMU matrix
bj::imu_quaternion_tData structure for an IMU quaternion
bj::imu_temperature_tData structure for IMU temperature
bj::imu_vector_tData structure for IMU raw vectors
bj::imu_voltage_tData structure for IMU raw voltage values
bj::IndependentStereoA convenient way to access two independent cameras like a stereo head
bj::InhibitionAn inhibition signal class for Subsumption architecture
bj::JoystickA device driver for joystick devices
bj::KalmanFilterA Kalman Filter class for linear systems
bj::kd_nodeData structure for a node of a KD-tree
bj::KDClusterA fast data clustering algorithm using a kernel density tree
bj::KDClusterSimpleA fast data clustering algorithm using a kernel density tree
bj::KDTreeA KD-Tree data structure class
bj::KvaserCANA wrapper class to Kvaser canlib library
bj::laser_data_tData structure for laser data
bj::MDPA Markov Decision Process Solver
bj::MDPfA Markov Decision Process Solver without storing matrices
bj::MDPsA Markov Decision Process Solver using a sparse matrix
bj::MicroStrain3DMGA device driver for MicroStrain 3DM-G IMU
bj::ModelEstimationA Model estimation algorithm using Linear Regression method
bj::MovieWriterA movie recoder class using libquicktime library
bj::MpegCameraA wrapper class for libmpeg3 APIs
bj::mrkd_nodeData structure for a node of a multiresolution KD-tree
bj::MRKDTreeA multiresolution KD-Tree data structure class
bj::MultivariateGaussianA multivariate gaussian distribution
bj::NMEAParserTokenizer for NMEA sentences
bj::OccupancyMapA local occupancy grid map
bj::ParticleFilterA regular particle filter class
bj::ParticleMotionFilterA particle filter for motion tracking
bj::PConditionA wrapper class for a POSIX condition variable
bj::PioneerA device driver for robots using P2OS
bj::PlayerUpdaterA POSIX thread to update sensory data from a Player server
bj::PMutexA wrapper class for a POSIX mutex device
bj::PSemaphoreA wrapper class for a POSIX semaphore
bj::PThreadA wrapper class for POSIX thread functions
Q3dmgA Qt widget to display data from MicroStrain 3DM-G device
Q3dmgPoseA Qt OpenGL widget to display the pose of a MicroStrain 3DM-G device
Q3dmgUIA user interface widget generated by Qt Designer
QBjImageA Qt widget to display BjImage or IplImage
QCameraA Qt widget to display camera images
QCameraDialogA Qt dialog widget to change camera properties
QCameraDialogUIA user interface widget generated by Qt Designer
QCompassA Qt widget to display compass data
QDewarpA Qt widget to display dewarped, omni-directional camera images
QDewarpControlA Qt widget to change dewarping parameters interactively
QDewarpDialogA Qt dialog widget to change dewarping parameters
QDewarpDialogUIA user interface widget generated by Qt Designer
QGlobeA Qt OpenGL widget to display latitude/longitude data
QGpsA Qt widget to display GPS device data
QGpsSatMapA Qt widget to display satellite information
QGpsUIA user interface widget generated by Qt Designer
QLaserA Qt widget to display laser rangefinder data
QPositionA Qt widget to display the poses of multiple sensors in 2D space
QStereoA Qt widget to display stereo camera images
bj::QuicktimeCameraA wrapper class for libquicktime APIs
QVFHA Qt widget to display/change VFH algorithm
bj::RS232A RS-232 serial port interface
bj::RS422A RS-422 serial port interface
bj::satinfo_tData structure for satellite information
bj::sdl_camera_tData structure for camera data
bj::sdl_data_tData structure for all data
bj::sdl_gps_tData structure for GPS data
bj::sdl_imu_tData structure for IMU data
bj::sdl_laser_tData structure for laser data
bj::sdl_motor_tData structure for motor commands
bj::sdl_odometer_tData structure for odometer data
bj::sdl_sonar_tData structure for sonar data
bj::sdl_stereo_tData structure for stereo camera data
bj::SDLReaderA data retriever from a SDLog file
bj::SDLWriterA data logger into a SDLog file
bj::SegwayRMPA device driver for Segway RMP robots
bj::SICKLaserA device driver for a SICK laser rangefinder
bj::sm_item< element_t >Data structure of an element in a sparse matrix
bj::SMEMClusterA model-based clustering algorithm using Split-Merge EM algorithm
bj::SparseMatrix< element_t >A multi-dimensional sparse matrix using a STL list
bj::StereoAn abstract class for stereo camera devices
bj::TransformImage transformation methods using various models
bj::UnscentedKalmanFilterAn Unscented Kalman Filter class for non-linear systems
bj::V4L2CameraA wrapper class for Video4Linux2 APIs
bj::V4LCameraA wrapper class for Video4Linux APIs
bj::VeryFastEMClusterA very fast EM-based clustering algorithm using multiresolution kd-trees
bj::VFHA Vector Field Histogram (VFH) algorithm
bj::ViscaA device driver for Sony VISCA protocol

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