Awarded Posters

Best Poster Award Winner:

  • A Pneumatically-Driven Soft Robot Biologically Inspired by Earthworms.
    Ariel A. Calderon, Juan C. Zagal, and Nestor O. Perez-Arancibia
  • Best Poster Award Finalists:

  • Navigation with Cellular CDMA Signals.
    Joe Khalife, Kimia Shamaei, and Zaher M. Kassas

  • Haptic Perception and Decision-Making for a Functional Contour-Following Task.
    Randall B. Hellman and Veronica J. Santos

  • Robotics FIRST. What's second?.
    Kevin Li, Simon Zhang, Patrick Kidwell, Nicholas Dodds and Zachary Dodds

  • All Accepted Posters: