The Pioneer 2-AT, made by MobileRobots Inc., is an outdoor, all-terrain version of the popular Pioneer 2 robot. Built on an aluminum chassis, the AT has internal batteries, four motors with shaft encoders, an internal motor power board and an on-board microcontroller. We interface with the robot over an RS-232 serial connection. The AT is a skid-steer platform, which turns by varying the relative speeds of the left and right wheels. This also means that the robot is holonomic - it is able to rotate in place by moving both sets of wheels at the same speed but in opposite directions, or to turn in a circle with a 40 cm diameter by moving the wheels on one side only. Additionally, the AT is able to climb grades up to 45%, and will easily carry more than 20 Kg of equipment.

In the past, members of the Robotic Embedded Systems Laboratory have used the Pioneer 2-AT for a range of outdoor experiments, including: mapping, navigation, people tracking and air-ground multi-robot team collaboration. We continue to actively work with the Pioneer platform, deploying one or more of the three units available in the laboratory for experiments involving small- to medium-sized sensor payloads. Typically, the Pioneers will carry a combination of stereo cameras, laser range finders, inertial measurement units and GPS receivers.

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Year retired:
Quantity: 3
Manufacturer: Adept, formerly MobileRobots Inc.