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Sensor Network-Mediated Multi-Robot Task Allocation

Maxim Batalin and Gaurav S. Sukhatme


Maxim Batalin and Gaurav S. Sukhatme. "Sensor Network-Mediated Multi-Robot Task Allocation". In The Third International Naval Research Laboratory Multi-Robot Systems Workshop , 27-38, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC, Mar 2005.


We address the Online Multi-Robot Task Allocation (OMRTA) problem. Our approach relies on a computational and sensing fabric of networked sensors embedded into the environment. This sensor network acts as a distributed sensor and computational platform which computes a solution to OMRTA and directs robots to the vicinity of tasks. We term this Distributed In-Network Task Allocation (DINTA). We describe DINTA, and show its application to multi-robot task allocation in simulation, laboratory, and field settings. We establish that such network-mediated task allocation scales well, and is especially amendable to simple, heterogeneous robots.


Mobile robots, sensor networks, task allocation, distributed


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