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On device abstractions for portable, reusable robot code

Richard T. Vaughan, Brian P. Gerkey and Andrew Howard


Richard T. Vaughan, Brian P. Gerkey and Andrew Howard. "On device abstractions for portable, reusable robot code". In IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2121-2427, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A, Oct 2003. (Also Technical Report CRES-03-009).


We seek to make robot programming more efficient by developing a standard abstract interface for robot hardware, based on familiar techniques from operating systems and network engineering. This paper describes the application of three well known abstractions, the character device model, the interface/driver model, and the client/server model to this purpose. These abstractions underlie Player/Stage, our Open Source project for rapid development of robot control systems. One product of this project is the Player Abstract Device Interface (PADI) specification, which defines a set of interfaces that capture the functionality of logically similar sensors and actuators. This specification is the central abstraction that enables Player-based controllers to run unchanged on a variety of real and simulated devices. We propose that PADI could be a starting point for development of a standard platform for robot interfacing, independent of Player, to enable code portability and re-use, while still providing access to the unique capabilities of individual devices.


player, stage, standards, robot control interface


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