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Heterogeneous Robot Group Control and Applications

Gaurav S. Sukhatme and James F. Montgomery


Gaurav S. Sukhatme and James F. Montgomery. "Heterogeneous Robot Group Control and Applications". In Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems, International Conference (AUVSI), Baltimore, Maryland, 1999.


We describe a heterogeneous robot group designed to perform surveillance and reconnaissance. The group consists of one robot helicopter and two unmanned ground vehicles. The AVATAR (Aerial Vehicle Autonomous Tracking And Reconnaissance) is based upon the Bergen Industrial RC model helicopter. The ground vehicles are Real World Interface PioneerAT robots. The following sensors/electronics are onboard all robots; GPS, color CCD camera, wireless video and embedded PC/104 boards running QNX (a realtime OS). Wireless ethernet provides a 2.0 Mbps multiway communication link between all robots and the operator. The AVATAR also has an Inertial Navigation System and the Pioneers have seven ultrasound sensors for obstacle detection. The robots run behavior-based control systems, which allow them various degrees of autonomy. The helicopter is controlled partly by the onboard control system and in part by a human pilot. The Pioneers are fully autonomous. To date we have demonstrated 1) High-level tasking by a human operator of the robot group to cooperatively patrol a designated area and 2) Automatic retasking of the robots by simulated "alarms" on the area perimeter. The robots navigate to the alarm scene to provide live video while maintaining basic patrolling functionality.


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