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Scaling Simulation-to-Real transfer by Learning Composable Robot Skills

Ryan C. Julian, Eric Heiden, Stefan Schaal, Joseph Lim, Gaurav S. Sukhatme and Karol Hausman


Ryan C. Julian, Eric Heiden, Stefan Schaal, Joseph Lim, Gaurav S. Sukhatme and Karol Hausman. "Scaling Simulation-to-Real transfer by Learning Composable Robot Skills". In International Symposium on Experimental Robotics (ISER), Nov 2018.


We present a novel solution to the problem of simulation-to-real transfer, which builds on recent advances in robot skill decomposition. Rather than focusing on minimizing the simulation-reality gap, we learn a set of diverse policies that are parameterized in a way that makes them easily reusable. This diversity and parameterization of low-level skills allows us to find a transferable policy that is able to use combinations and variations of different skills to solve more complex, high-level tasks. In particular, we first use simulation to jointly learn a policy for a set of low-level skills, and a "skill embedding" parameterization which can be used to compose them. Later, we learn high-level policies which actuate the low-level policies via this skill embedding parameterization. The high-level policies encode how and when to reuse the low-level skills together to achieve specific high-level tasks. Importantly, our method learns to control a real robot in joint-space to achieve these high-level tasks with little or no on-robot time, despite the fact that the low-level policies may not be perfectly transferable from simulation to real, and that the low-level skills were not trained on any examples of high-level tasks. We illustrate the principles of our method using informative simulation experiments. We then verify its usefulness for real robotics problems by learning, transferring, and composing free-space and contact motion skills on a Sawyer robot using only joint-space control. We experiment with several techniques for composing pre-learned skills, and find that our method allows us to use both learning-based approaches and efficient search-based planning to achieve high-level tasks using only pre-learned skills.


sim2real, robotic manipulation, reinforcement learning, few-shot learning, skills

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