Get Involved!

We are not recruiting for any specific openings at this time.

General guidelines for getting involved:

If you are interested in doing your PhD at RESL, just apply, and indicate that you are interested in working with Prof. Sukhatme.

If you are interested in doing a postdoc at RESL, please contact Prof. Sukhatme.

If you are a bachelor or master student at USC:
If you are a merit scholar, please check the database for latest projects, and follow those instructions. (Fall'16 projects should be up.)
If there are specific openings listed above, then please follow application instructions as per the posting.
If no postings are listed and you are interested in helping with / doing research at RESL, then you can fill out this form, and we will get in touch if we have any suitable projects.
In general, it helps if you know GIT (interactive tutorial) and ROS (beginner level tutorial), and have experience programming in C++ and/or Python, and experience using Linux (Ubuntu preferred).