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Geoffrey A. Hollinger, Urbashi Mitra and Gaurav S. Sukhatme. "Active Classification: Theory and Application to Underwater Inspection". In International Symposium on Robotics Research (ISRR), Flagstaff, AZ, Aug 2011. (.pdf)


We discuss the problem in which an autonomous vehicle must classify an object based on multiple views. We focus on the active classification setting, where the vehicle controls which views to select to best perform the classification. The problem is formulated as an extension to Bayesian active learning, and we show connections to recent theoretical guarantees in this area. We formally analyze the benefit of acting adaptively as new information becomes available. The analysis leads to a probabilistic algorithm for determining the best views to observe based on information theoretic costs. We validate our approach in two ways, both related to underwater inspection: 3D polyhedra recognition in synthetic depth maps and ship hull inspection with imaging sonar. These tasks encompass both the planning and recognition aspects of the active classification problem. The results demonstrate that actively planning for informative views can reduce the number of necessary views by up to 80\% when compared to passive methods.

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<span class="author">Geoffrey A. Hollinger, Urbashi Mitra and Gaurav S. Sukhatme</span>. "<span class="title">Active Classification: Theory and Application to Underwater Inspection</span>". <span class="pub_status">In</span> <span class="booktitle">International Symposium on Robotics Research</span> <span class="booktitle">(ISRR)</span>, <span class="address">Flagstaff, AZ</span>, <span class="month">Aug</span> <span class="year">2011</span>.
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Robotic Embedded Systems Laboratory

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Name:Geoffrey A. Hollinger
Position:Postdoctoral Research Associate
Address:Ronald Tutor Hall 3710 South McClintock Avenue Los Angeles, California 90089-2905

Name:Urbashi Mitra

Name:Gaurav S. Sukhatme

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Grant Description:Office of Naval Research (N00014-09-1-0700)
Funding Agency:Office of Naval Research
Contract Number:N00014-09-1-0700