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DeWitt T. Latimer IV. "Acquisition of Robotics System Capabilities (PhD Dissertation Proposal)". Center for Systems and Software Engineering, USC-CSSE-2007-709, May 2007. (.pdf)


Based on observations of failures for some robotic technologies to be successfully acquired and transitioned into long term operations, this work proposes to study the various robotic engineering methods employed at the acquisition level. The goal will be to determine which methods are being utilized, their effectiveness, and if there are any observable gaps in the practice of robotics engineering in the practice of acquisition. In the conduct of this research, a framework for analyzing robotic case studies will be presented, case studies developed and analyzed, and a survey will be conducted. These case studies and survey will be used to determine evidence of robotic engineering method utilization in acquisition activities and evidence of problems due to inadequate acquisition engineering methods.

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<span class="author">DeWitt T. Latimer IV</span>. "<span class="title">Acquisition of Robotics System Capabilities (PhD Dissertation Proposal)</span>". <span class="institution">Center for Systems and Software Engineering</span>, <span class="number">USC-CSSE-2007-709</span>, <span class="month">May</span> <span class="year">2007</span>.
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Name:DeWitt T. Latimer IV
Position:PhD Student
Address:University of Southern California 941 W. 37th Place, SAL 300 Los Angeles, CA 90089-0781