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Chris V. Jones and Maja J. Matarić. "Behavior-Based Coordination in Multi-Robot Systems". Invited contribution to Autonomous Mobile Robots: Sensing, Control, Decision-Making, and Applications, Sam Ge and Frank Lewis (eds.), Marcel Dekker, Inc., , 2005. (.pdf)


The successful deployment of a multi-robot system (MRS) requires an effective method of coordination to mediate the interactions among the robots and between the robots and the task environment in order for a given system-level task to be performed. The design of coordination mechanisms has received increasing attention in recent years and has included investigations into a wide variety of coordination mechanisms. A popular and successful framework for the control of robots in coordinated MRS is behavior-based control (1,2). Behavior-based control is a methodology in which robots are controlled through the principled integration of a set of interacting behaviors (e.g., wall following, collision avoidance, landmark recognition, etc.) in order to achieve desired system-level behavior. This chapter will describe, through explanation, discussion of demonstrated simulated and physical mobile robots, and formal design and analysis, the range and capabilities of behavior-based control applied to multi-robot coordination. We begin by providing a brief overview of single-robot control philosophies and architectures, including behavior-based control, in Section 1. In Section 2 we move from single robots to multi-robot systems (MRS) and discuss the additional challenges this transition entails. In Section 3 we use empirical case studies to discuss and demonstrate three important ways in which robots can interact, and thus coordinate, their behavior. In Section 4 we discuss formal approaches to the design and analysis of MRS that are of fundamental importance if the full potential of MRS is to be achieved. Finally, in Section 5 we briefly discuss the future of coordinated behavior-based MRS and conclude the chapter.


Coordinated Multi-Robot Systems

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<span class="author">Chris V. Jones and Maja J. Matarić</span>. "<span class="title">Behavior-Based Coordination in Multi-Robot Systems</span>". <span class="pub_status">Invited contribution to</span> <span class="booktitle">Autonomous Mobile Robots: Sensing, Control, Decision-Making, and Applications</span>, <span class="editor">Sam Ge and Frank Lewis</span> (eds.), <span class="publisher">Marcel Dekker, Inc.</span>, , <span class="year">2005</span>.
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