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Maja J. Matarić. "Visuo-Motor Primitives as a Basis for Learning by Imitation". In Imitation in Animals and Artifacts, Kerstin Dautenhahn and Chrystopher Nehaniv (eds.), MIT Press, , 2000. (.gz)

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<span class="author">Maja J. Matarić</span>. "<span class="title">Visuo-Motor Primitives as a Basis for Learning by Imitation</span>". <span class="pub_status">In</span> <span class="booktitle">Imitation in Animals and Artifacts</span>, <span class="editor">Kerstin Dautenhahn and Chrystopher Nehaniv</span> (eds.), <span class="publisher">MIT Press</span>, , <span class="year">2000</span>.
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Name:Maja J. Matarić
Position:Professor of Computer Science and Neuroscience
Address:3650 McClintock Avenue, OHE 200 Los Angeles, CA 90089-1450

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Grant Description:National Science Foundation (IRI-9624237)
Funding Agency:National Science Foundation
Contract Number:IRI-9624237