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Paolo Pirjanian and Maja J. Matarić. "A decision-theoretic approach to fuzzy behavior coordination". In IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation , Monterey, California, Nov 1999. (.gz)


In this paper, we propose a novel approach to behavior­based control, which combines fuzzy logic with multiple objective decision theory. Fuzzy logic provides powerful tools for formulating sophisticated behavior­based systems for robot control. However, it suffers from problems associated with resolving behavioral conflicts, which are mainly due to the de­ ficiencies of fuzzy inferencing techniques. Hence we propose to formulate the inferencing mechanism using a multiple objective decision­theoretic approach, which provides formal tools for behavior coordination and resolving conflicts in a principled manner. Preliminary experimental results are reported.

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<span class="author">Paolo Pirjanian and Maja J. Matarić</span>. "<span class="title">A decision-theoretic approach to fuzzy behavior coordination</span>". <span class="pub_status">In</span> <span class="booktitle">IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation</span> , <span class="address">Monterey, California</span>, <span class="month">Nov</span> <span class="year">1999</span>.
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Name:Paolo Pirjanian

Name:Maja J. Matarić
Position:Professor of Computer Science and Neuroscience
Address:3650 McClintock Avenue, OHE 200 Los Angeles, CA 90089-1450