Hetergeneous Small-Team Behaviors for Mobile Robots in Outdoor Environments

The DARPA Mobile Autonomous Robot Software (MARS 2020) Program

USC Robotics Research Lab Group

Principal Investigator: Prof. Gaurav Sukhatme
Co-Principal Investigator: Prof. Maja Mataric´
Research Faculty: Dr. Andrew Howard
Research Associates: Dr. Ashley Tews
Dr. Ian Kelly
Research Students: Srikanth Saripalli
Stefan Hrabar
Boyoon Jung
David Naffin

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Important Dates

September 22-25 PI meeting
November 12-18 SDR rehearsal

Jan 5 -12 SDR final demo
Jan-Feb MARS integration
March PI meeting
Apr-May MARS rehearsal
Aug-Sep MARS final demo

Next meeting:

Past Meetings:
Location: PHE223. Date: October 15, 2002
Location: SAL222. Date: December, 2002
Location: SAL222. Date: January 27, 2003
Location: SAL222 Date: February 10, 2003
Location: SAL222 Date: September 2, 2003


MARS Teams Kickoff Meeting - USC Slides Nov 02
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