SKIT: Sub-Kilogram Intelligent Tele-Robots

This project is led by Alberto Behar, as part of the USC Robotics Lab.

Project Summary

4 K-Team Khepera make up a team of small, networked tele-robots, named SKITs (Sub-Kilogram Intelligent Telerobots). Each module contains a dedicated 68331 processor, and is 3-inches in diameter, equipped with a gripper turret. Their height is modular based on what sensory systems are used. The sensory capabilities include position encoders in the wheels and 8 infra-red emitter detector pairs for obstacle avoidance. A radio turret enables communication over UHF frequencies at 4800 Kbits/sec. These robots have been developed for exploring the abundant and rich untapped resources of asteroids. We are performing hardware/software simulation studies to determine the relative merits of using colonies of sub-kilogram robots for this endeavor. This work was funded by Space Studies Institute.


ssi Space Studies Institue
Institute for Teleoperated Space Development (ITSD)