Stephanie Kemna 


University of Southern California - Robotic Embedded Systems Lab:

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NATO STO CMRE (formerly called NURC):


  • Kemna, S., Hamilton, M., Hughes, D., LePage, K., (2011) Adaptive autonomous underwater vehicles for littoral surveillance, Journal of Intelligent Service Robotics: Special Issue on Marine Robotic Systems, 4(4), pp. 245-258.
    @ springerlink  DOI 10.1007/s11370-011-0097-4
  • Hamilton, M. J., Kemna, S., Hughes, D. (2010) Anti-Submarine Warfare Applications for AUVs: The GLINT09 Sea Trial Results, Journal of Field Robotics: Special Issue on State of the Art in Maritime Autonomous Surface and Underwater Vehicles, 27(6), pp. 890-902.
    @ wiley  DOI 10.1002/rob.20362


  • Kemna, S. (2011) Adaptive and Cooperative AUVs for Littoral Surveillance, IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), San Francisco, CA, USA.
    Presentation as part of the "Current Directions in Marine Vehicle Autonomy Research" workshop.
  • Kemna, S. (2011) BHV_OpRegionBounce: An OpRegion that Can Bounce You Back, MOOS Development and Applications Working Group (MOOS-DAWG), Cambridge, MA, USA.
    Abstract and presentation.
  • Kemna, S., Vermeij, A., Hamilton, M.J. (2011) Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing, MOOS Development and Applications Working Group (MOOS-DAWG), Cambridge, MA, USA.
    Abstract and presentation.
  • LePage, K.D., Hamilton, M.J., Kemna, S. (2011) Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Active Multistatic Undersea Surveillance, 4th International Conference and Exhibition on "Underwater Acoustic Measurements: Technologies & Results", Kos, Greece.
  • Kemna, S., Hamilton, M.J., Hughes, D.T., Been, R. (2010) Behavior Development for Anti-Submarine Warfare: The GLINT09 and GLINT10 Field Trials. MOOS Development and Applications Working Group (MOOS-DAWG), MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA.
    Abstract and presentation.
  • Hughes, D.T., Kemna, S., Hamilton, M.J., and Been, R. (2010), Sensible Behaviour Strategies for AUVs in ASW, IEEE Oceans'10, 24-27 May, Sydney, Australia.
  • Hamilton, M. J., Kemna, S., Baralli, F., Hughes, D., LePage, K., Mazzi, M., (2010) Realtime signal processing and an autonomous adaptive behavior for ASW on-board an AUV: challenges, developments, and sea trial results. Undersea Defence Technology Europe 2010, 8-10 June, Hamburg, Germany.
    Abstract and presentation.
  • Hughes, D.T., Baralli, F., Kemna, S., LePage, K., Hamilton, M. and Vermeij, A. (2009), Collaborative Multi-static ASW using AUVs: Demonstrating necessary Technologies, Maritime Systems and Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Hughes, D., Baralli, F., Hamilton, M., Kemna, S., LePage, K., Vermeij, A. (2009), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles: Platforms for Active ASW. Recent At-Sea Results from NURC. Workshop on Machine Intelligence for Autonomous Operations, 7-8 October 2009, Lerici, Italy.

Technical Reports & Misc.:

  • Goldhahn, R., Kemna, S., Vermeij, A. (2013) Autonomous vehicle mission configuration at the CMRE using MOOS-IvP, Memorandum Report CMRE-MR-2013-003, NATO UNCLASSIFIED.
    @ CMRE
  • Kemna, S., Hamilton, M., LePage, K. (2012) GLINT10: developed behaviours and sea trial results (2012), Technical Report CMRE-FR-2012-002, NATO UNCLASSIFIED.
    @ CMRE
  • Kemna, S., Hughes, D.T. (2010) AUVs and AI: Pushing the Limits of Autonomy, The Centre Dozen, February 2010, public release.

University of Groningen - AI & University of Leeds - MechE - iPAM:


  • van Maanen, L., van Rijn, H., van Grootel, M., Kemna, S., Klomp, M. and Scholtens, E. (2008), Personal Publication Assistant: Abstract Recommendations by a Cognitive Model, Cognitive Systems Research: Special Issue on Brain Informatics, 11(1), pp. 120 - 129.


  • Kemna, S., Culmer, P.R., Jackson, A.E., Makower, S., Gallagher, J.F., Holt, R., Cnossen, F., Cozens, J.A., Levesley, M.C., Bhakta, B.B. (2009), Developing a User Interface for the iPAM Stroke Rehabilitation System, IEEE 11th International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics, Kyoto, Japan.
    @ IEEE


  • Kemna, S. (2008) Development of the iPAM User Interface: Including Feedback to Aid Motivation, M.Sc. thesis, University of Groningen / University of Leeds.
    @ RuG
  • Does, K., Kemna, S. (2006) Robots in elderly care, B.Sc. thesis, University of Groningen.
    @ RuG