Stephanie Kemna 


Pretty LA Bathymetry plots

Looking at the bathymetry plot at SCCOOS, I wanted to see more detail, so I took their data, and made a couple of matlab plots.

Feel free to take my code and play around with it :)

Also, if you know of a way to easily discard certain heights/depths of the data, without breaking the contour plotting, I'd be interested to hear!

- Stephanie

Examples for the Santa Monica Bay subset of the data:

Editing, saving and loading Matlab colormaps

To make your own colormap, the easiest way is to open the editor:
>> colormapeditor
Then play with the gradients and colors.
(Keep in mind that if you change the range, you should also change the caxis range when you generate the figure, if you want to re-use the colormap at a later point, see the LA/San Pedro parts of the code.)
To save, save your workspace variable to a .mat file, and you can just load it, like I did in plotBathyLA.m, and apply it.

last edited: 2014-12-07