I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Computer Science at USC with specific interests in A.I., Machine-Learning, Natural Language Processing and Social-Robotics.

Under Elaine Short, I have been developing a tool for automatic annotations of human-robot interactions. These interactions, which can be upwards of 30 minutes long, have in the past required annotators to describe features pertaining to both the human AND the robot. Yet, it should be that all robot behaviour should be easily available. Through 'rosbags' which are recordings of all of the published messages, audio and video of an interaction, my goal is to construct annotations which provide important information about the interaction such as when and what the robot is saying, where the robot might have possibly broken down and where the interaction begins and ends. In addition to this, the tool uses audio and video processing software to attempt to annotate or atleast flag for manual annotators possible interest zones, which could include areas where the robot is speaking but no speech was detected signalling a possible breakdown, or by annotating when the participant is much closer to the robot.

As of right now, this tool has been used successfully on two projects but with much room for additional features and exploration.